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Armed Security Officers


Sentry Force Security trains and recruits only the most qualified and professional security officers. Armed security officers are permitted by law to make arrests for crimes or offenses committed on client property. Our armed security officers are highly trained professionals who can provide a wide array of security services including:



In addition to the services listed above, our armed security officers can provide all of the services our unarmed security officers provide too.


We take extra precautions to ensure there is no risk to the safety and wellbeing of clients by providing extra training to our officers beyond what the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) requires. All of our officers are also required to be CPR certified and participate in regular emergency first aid training programs.


All security supervisors employed by Sentry Force Security are armed unless otherwise requested by clients. All security officers who provide security services to clients are regularly supervised by a mobile armed security supervisor within that zone. Our armed security supervisors are each assigned different zones throughout the region to supervise different officers at each client site within their assigned zone. Clients do not pay any extra for mobile armed security supervisors unless if they request an armed security supervisor to be stationed on their property. The benefit of armed supervisors is that in situations of a non-emergency nature, clients have access to armed security officers to respond to security issues even if the client only receives unarmed security service.


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