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Traffic Control


Traffic control is a service many clients require. Depending on the client and industry, traffic control is essential to the continuous operational flow of business. Normally, local police departments will provide traffic control service to certain organizations based on an apparent need the department may see, but the truth of the matter is that local police departments don't have the resources available to continuously dedicate a police officer to minor traffic control duties. Doing so drains department resources and funds. That is why local departments will often refer organizations in need of routine or long term traffic control services to private security firms such as Sentry Force Security.


Sentry Force Security provides traffic control solutions to a variety of clientele, such as churches, local governments, businesses, and for special events (concerts, sporting events, festivals, etc.). Our security officers will direct and manage the flow of traffic to provide your guests or customers the right of way when entering or exiting your property while ensuring overall public safety of all motorists and pedestrians.


Our highly trained security officers are also very visible while controlling traffic; our officers wear reflective safety vests overtop of their uniforms and many times our officers' patrol vehicles are either located in an intersection with the officer or nearby with flashing lights to alert motorists of our presence as well as to display authority while our officers direct the flow of traffic.


Clients who have guests, customers, or employees that experience difficulty entering or leaving the grounds often rely on Sentry Force Security for traffic control services. Traffic congestion can not only be tedious but also dangerous if left unhandled. If clients regularly experience traffic problems on or around their property, local police departments will not always respond to address the issue. Whether you require traffic control for one day or routinely, in the short term or long term, Sentry Force Security offers traffic control and other security solutions to best suit your organization's needs.

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