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Executive Protection and Transportation

Executive Protection and Transportation

Executive Protection and Transportation

Clients who hold important positions, hold certain public offices, or even have a high net worth have very unique security needs. It is imperative to evaluate the security risks high-profile clients are exposed to and mitigate these risks with an array of specialized security solutions to ensure the client's absolute safety and security.

Many security firms are not equipped to fulfill the needs of high-profile clients to effectively eliminate the security threats they face. Sentry Force has an array of resources and personnel to accommodate any client big or small. From personal protection (bodyguards) to executive transportation and security escorts and convoys, Sentry Force is best suited to fulfill clients' many needs.

Sentry Force Security employs a specialized team of highly trained and experienced Personal Protection Specialists who are tasked with protecting very important clients. Our personnel come from diverse backgrounds with many years of experience in relative security fields such as military, special forces, US Secret Service, and other backgrounds.

Sentry Force also maintains a fleet of luxury vehicles to provide executive transportation to clients, such as limousines, black SUV's, town cars, etc. Sentry Force also utilizes modern security vehicles and patrol cruisers (both marked and unmarked) to escort clients' vehicles in a convoy formation.


Sentry Force serves many different types of clients, most notably:

  • Diplomats and their families

  • Foreign government officials

  • US Congressmen

  • Corporate executives

  • Celebrities 

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