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Diplomatic Security

Diplomatic Security

Sentry Force Security provides highly trained, specialized police officers to protect diplomatic facilities and installations. Officers perform vital functions to ensure the overall safety of the facilities they are assigned to and diplomatic personnel.


Diplomatic Security Officers provide many essential security services for the embassies and installations they are assigned to, including but not limited to operating metal detectors and searching packages or visitors entering client facilities, vehicle searches of vehicles entering restricted areas, CCTV camera monitoring, interior and exterior foot patrols of diplomatic facilities, and much more.

Threat Assessment and Mitigation

It is imperative for embassies and diplomatic missions to evaluate their exposure to external security threats and to effectively mitigate these threats by putting in place appropriate security protocol and services. Even a minor incident or altercation that may occur within a sovereign diplomatic compound can quickly become an International Incident. It is important for clients to asses these risks and reduce their exposure to such incidents. Sentry Force Security provides an array of specialized security solutions designed to meet the unique needs of diplomatic facilities.

Access Control

Sentry Force Diplomatic Security Officers can enforce access control protocols throughout entire diplomatic facilities and installations. Officers can be stationed at main entrances to check-in every visitor wishing to enter the facility as well as conduct searches to ensure no contraband is brought inside, such as weapons, narcotics, recording devices, cellular phones, etc.


Officers can also monitor and control entrance and exit points to diplomatic facilities by granting or denying access to visitors wishing to enter client facilities.


Sentry Force Diplomatic Security Officers are thoroughly trained to serve the unique needs of our diplomatic clients. Officers are trained to be prepared for any type of situation, and given the nature of our diplomatic clients' work, it is imperative that our Diplomatic Security personnel maintain active readiness for any type of incident.

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