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Marked Patrol Cruisers

Marked Patrol Cruisers

Roving Patrols

Sentry Force offers a flexible Roving Vehicle Patrol service to residential, commercial/retail, and industrial properties alike. Roving patrols offer great security coverage for properties and provides a visible deterrent to crime and other unwanted activity on client property.

Roving Patrols consist of officers driving marked patrol cruisers through client communities and property to protect against and report any illegal or suspicious activity. Sentry Force invests in only the best quality, modern patrol vehicles available. We maintain a fleet of patrol vehicles that are equipped with lights, sirens, first aid kits and much more to prepare officers for any type of situation.

Other benefits of Sentry Force's Roving Patrol service include:

On Call Service

Empower your residents, customers, or tenants by providing them with a resource they can count on whenever they need help. Sentry Force's Roving Patrol Service includes rapid on-call security response to incidents - big or small - on client property. Clients' residents, customers, or tenants can call our Command Center 24/7 to request an officer be dispatched to the property for any reason. Common dispatch requests we receive include:


  • Noise complaints

  • Illegal parking

  • Illegal dumping

  • Trespassing

  • Vandalism

  • Suspicious person/vehicle

Maintenance and Work Orders

Sentry Force understands managing a property is more than just about security. That's why when officers conduct their nightly patrols, they not only look for suspicious activity, they will also look for maintenance-related issues such as burnt out lights, broken doors/windows, garbage buildup, property damage, fire hazards, and much more.


These things officers look out for provide peace of mind for property managers since they can rest assured that even non-security related property concerns are being taken care of.


Whenever an officer spots a possible maintenance related issue, he will document the issue in his TrackTik report with pictures. This report is then immediately submitted electronically to the client. From there, a Work Order or Ticket can be generated to ensure the issue is fixed in a timely manner

Flexible Scheduling and Pricing

Security costs can quickly add up especially for residential and commercial or retail properties. Assigning officers to patrol a property regularly for extended periods of time is not always cost effective to meet the needs of every client property. This is especially true for smaller properties whose budgets cannot afford 24/7 security patrols.


That is why Sentry Force developed a comprehensive Roving Patrol Service that can meet clients' many diverse needs at a low, monthly cost.


Sentry Force can arrange flexible patrol schedules to fit any client's needs. One benefit of using nightly Roving Patrol Services over standard security patrols is that having officers patrol randomly several times per night can provide the impression of round-the-clock security coverage without the actual costs associated with 24/7 security.


Sentry Force charges low, flat monthly-rates for Roving Patrol Services. This assures clients and property managers that the service will never go over budget, making annual property budgeting much simpler. Whether 1 dispatch call is received in a month or 100 calls are received, Sentry Force will never charge more than our flat monthly rates.

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