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Loss Prevention


Shoplifting and internal theft is a serious security challenge plaguing small and large businesses alike. Theft of goods and merchandise can be committed not only by customers but by unscrupulous employees too. The concealment of merchandise by shoplifters is a very prevalent problem that only takes seconds to do but can be devastating to businesses over time. The misappropriation of inventory or embezzlement by employees can be just as devastating to businesses too. Sentry Force Security offers preventative security solutions to not only deter shoplifting and internal thefts, but to apprehend and investigate offenders who steal from businesses.


Sentry Force Security utilizes a variety of security measures to protect clients' merchandise from theft. Our highly trained loss prevention officers implement diverse tactics to detect and apprehend suspected shoplifters. While each client's needs are different, our loss prevention solutions include the use of plain-clothed security officers to monitor and apprehend suspected shoplifters, CCTV monitoring of customers, access control measures to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas, and uniformed security officers to deter potential acts of shoplifting.


The risk of internal theft by employees can truly damage a company too. Our loss prevention officers will not only monitor and protect against acts of shoplifting by customers, but we will also protect against the risk from personnel-related theft and embezzlement. Sentry Force Security loss prevention officers will conduct scheduled and random audits of client's inventory to inspect for signs of theft. Our officers will also review access control records in addition to continuous CCTV monitoring of employees within restricted areas to detect possible acts of internal theft.

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