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Access Control


Access control is a critical, core security service all industries rely on. While there are many forms of access control and varying levels of complexity depending on each client's needs, access control is essentially the monitoring and control of visitors and personnel entering and exiting a secure area.


Our armed and unarmed security officers can provide access control services to clients in all industries. Our security officers will only allow access to a building or area that our clients designate to authorized people only. Our force of security officers will prevent any unauthroized access to restricted or secure areas that our clients designate. 


No matter what level of access control a client may need, be it a gate house for a gated community or parking garage, a shipment/delivery area for an industrial warehouse or factory, or even a security checkpoint at a government facility, Sentry Force Security can provide you with the level of protection your organization requires.


By relying on Sentry Force Security to provide access control services, the reputation of our professional and highly visible security officers will reflect upon your organization and facility. This alone can deter any potential attempts at unauthorized access to our client's property, while our officers are always standing guard for anything that might happen.

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