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Unarmed Security Officers


Unarmed security officers serve a vital role in performing essential security functions for any organization, big or small. Sentry Force Security only employs  the most qualified of candidates to serve clients in a security capacity, even unarmed. When relying upon the skill and expertise of Sentry Force Security and our force of highly trained officers, clients can come to expect a level of absolute professionalism no matter what service they receive. It is why Sentry Force Security is such a trusted private security firm. Our unarmed security officers can serve the following security functions:



We take extra precautions to ensure there is no risk to the safety and wellbeing of clients by providing extra training to our officers beyond what the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) requires. All of our officers are also required to be CPR certified and participate in regular emergency first aid training programs.


Unarmed security officers are the "backbone" of our team, providing some of the most basic yet essential functions in securing client assets and protecting client interests. All security officers, whether armed or unarmed, are supervised by mobile armed security officers who are each assigned specific zones within a region to supervise different officers at different client sites. This serves as added protection without any additional cost to our clients. Armed security supervisors are available, however, to remain stationed solely at one client site at a client's request.

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