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Parking Enforcement

Parking is a very real problem plaguing small and large business alike. With business owners wasting time controlling and enforcing parking regulations, they can't focus on what's really important: their business and customers.


Sentry Force Security is the first private security firm to innovate and expand private security services to incorporate parking enforcement services. Congested urban areas pose a difficult challenge to businesses who have inadequate parking space for their customers and employees. Many companies have signs outside their businesses or posted in front of parking lots warning violators that parking is enforced, but how often is illegal parking actually enforced on private property?


The truth of the matter is, unless someone parks illegally on a public street in a congested urban area, public parking enforcement officers or "meter-maids" who are often employed by the local police department won't enforce private parking regulations. This leaves business owners to either sacrifice their valuable time to monitor and enforce parking themselves or delegate the responsibility to one of their employees.


Sentry Force Security offers parking enforcement services to clients at no additional cost. Our unarmed (or armed, if clients prefer) security officers are equipped with vehicle immobilizers, or "car boots" to immobilize illegally parked vehicles until a towing company can arrive to securely remove the vehicle. If clients have a pre-existing agreement with a local towing company, our officers will simply contact the towing company every time a vehicle is illegally parked and has been immobilized by our officers.


Even when parking is enforced, offenders are able to park illegally and leave the lot or garage before a tow truck even arrives. By relying on our parking enforcement services, our officers are already on site and will warn violators that they have parked their car illegally and it will be towed if it is not moved.


Business owners who enforce their own parking regulations or instruct their employees to do so take a significant risk in jeopardizing their safety. No one likes to have their vehicle towed, so naturally parking disputes can be very emotional and volatile. Our security officers are highly trained and experienced in dealing with tense, verbal altercations and have the skills to de-escalate situations professionally yet firmly.

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