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High Risk Terminations


Employee terminations are not typically comfortable situations for employers or employees, but they should always be safe and made without risk of harm to life or property. Sentry Force Security provides armed security solutions to enforce employee terminations and escort unauthorized employees or visitors from clients' property. Our role during these situations is to monitor and ensure the safety of the proceedings for everyone involved. Not all terminations are conducted peacefully, but we will standby and protect the wellbeing of your staff and property should any situation become volatile.


Sentry Force Security also provides extended armed security coverage to clients following high risk employee terminations. To deter and mitigate any threat of retaliation from disgruntled or hostile employees, whether past or current employees, our armed security officers are available to protect your property and the safety  of your staff or guests. Through the use of access control, CCTV monitoring, and other security measures required for each client's unique needs, we can effectively prevent any retaliatory action committed by disgruntled employees both in the short term and long term.

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