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Industrial Checkpoints


Industrial facilities pose as serious targets to criminals and even terrorists wishing to enter. Without the necessary security protocol in place, these industrial facilities and critical infrastructure can be left completely vulnerable. Sentry Force Security understands industrial clients' needs and can identify vulnerabilities within industrial infrastructure to best protect clients' interests.


Among the many solutions we employ when providing clients security, Sentry Force Security establishes or operates pre-existing checkpoints at all entrances of the industrial facility we are contracted to protect. The checkpoints we enforce allow our highly trained officers to stop, interview, and inspect any vehicle and its operator entering or leaving an industrial compound. While industrial checkpoints are a form of access control Sentry Force Security provides, it is a much more thorough and secure solution to ensure that all vehicles entering into a client's facility are authorized to be there.


Our security officers will also inspect and weigh trucks entering or exiting a client's facility if needed. Suspicious vehicles or people entering an industrial client's facility will not be granted access to the premises and can be subjected to search by our highly trained and well equipped officers.

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