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Witness Interviewing

Witness testimony is critical to successful litigation, particularly when conducting Domestic and Criminal proceedings.  Multiple scientific studies have revealed the fallibility of human memory and the propensity of eyewitnesses to deliver erroneous testimony.  Moreover, renowned publications like the Stanford Journal of Legal Studies and Scientific American have published articles on the ability of third parties to introduce false facts into memory.  For these reasons, it is important that thorough witness interviews be conducted prior to trial. 


Our interviewers begin by choosing a time and location that will set the subject at ease.  This is extremely important because stress has been shown to result in subjects failing to correctly recall key details of an event or, in some cases, forgetting them entirely.  Once a time and place for the interview has been established, the interviewer begins by reviewing all available information before moving to question the witness as to their remembrance of the incident in question.  All information gathered during the interview is then passed to our investigators who will review the findings and ensure their accuracy prior to submitting a detailed report to the client along with any written or recorded statements. 

We primarily serve the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regions, but are dedicated to supporting our clients wherever their needs require us to go. The courts we most often serve include:

Northern Virginia:


  • Fairfax County General District Court

  • Alexandria General District Court

  • Arlington County General District Court

  • Loudoun County General District Court

  • Prince William County General District Court



Hampton Roads:


  • Virginia Beach General District Court

  • Norfolk General District Court

  • Chesapeake General District Court

  • Portsmouth General District Court

  • Suffolk General District Court

  • Hampton General District Court

  • Newport News General District Court

  • Williamsburg/James City County General District Court

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