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Sentry Force Security employs a highly trained force of security officers. Our security officers must successfully complete a thorough background investigation and drug screening before they can even apply for a position with Sentry Force Security. Our security officers, whether armed or unarmed, are all supervised by armed security supervisors. Our officers always perform their duties with the client's needs and interests in mind. 



Many clients of Sentry Force Security are surprised by the affordability associated with the services we provide. The reason why costs can be minimal to clients is because Sentry Force Security custom designs security solutions for clients that best suit their needs. We will not suggest services to clients that will not benefit them. Based on a client's objectives when seeking private security services, we will recommend an array of different security solutions that our client will specifically need. We remain open and honest with clients, so if a certain security service is not practical or beneficial, we will not recommend the service to a client.



Sentry Force Security prides itself in exceeding industry and governmental standards by innovating the concept of private security. Through the enhancement of our officers' equipment, the expansion of required training for our officers, and the growing industries that we serve, Sentry Force Security is a reliable and dedicated security firm that clients have come to trust.



Sentry Force Security trains and maintains a highly trained and qualified team of security professionals. Our officers are trained far beyond what the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) requires. A Sentry Force Security Officer is more than just a security officer; our officers are public safety experts. All of our officers are CPR certified and trained in first aid administration. Our security supervisors have extensive first aid and life saving medical training too. Our officers are well equipped both physically and professionally to handle any type of situation. Whether there is a security threat or a medical emergency, clients know they are in good hands while being served by Sentry Force Security.

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