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Skip Tracing

Oftentimes, one or more parties involved in litigation will attempt to evade service of summons or other legal documents required by the courts. Though there are contingencies in place to account for such behavior, the inability to locate and serve such individuals can cause delays in the proceedings that will both frustrate you and cost your clients money.  Employing the services of professional skip tracers is key to remedying such issues. 


Our investigators utilize powerful digital tools such as LexisNexis and IRBFocus in concert with monitoring of social media outlets to locate evasive individuals or businesses.  Should these tools alone prove insufficient, a field team is dispatched to conduct surveillance and gather further information through the use of pretexting and other investigative techniques.  Once the party in question has been found, their location is passed to our process servers who will carry out the service immediately.  We assist clients in locating parties to be served with: Divorce Fillings, Custody Petitions, Protective Orders, Witness Subpoenas, Interrogatory Summonses, Warrants in Debt, and more.

We primarily serve the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regions, but are dedicated to supporting our clients wherever their needs require us to go. The courts we most often serve include:


Northern Virginia:


  • Fairfax County General District Court

  • Alexandria General District Court

  • Arlington County General District Court

  • Loudoun County General District Court

  • Prince William County General District Court



Hampton Roads:


  • Virginia Beach General District Court

  • Norfolk General District Court

  • Chesapeake General District Court

  • Portsmouth General District Court

  • Suffolk General District Court

  • Hampton General District Court

  • Newport News General District Court

  • Williamsburg/James City County General District Court

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