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Discovery Review and Verification

The discovery phase of any legal matter will make or break a case.  Not only must it be thorough and efficient, all discovery materials must be completely accurate.  Unfortunately, litigants are often painfully unaware of what will or will not help their case.  In some cases, they may even intentionally omit evidence in an attempt to improve their standing in the eyes of the court or avoid some personal embarrassment at trial. 


Our researchers work closely with our investigative team to ensure our clients have all the necessary evidence.  We utilize computer forensic technology to verify all electronically stored information (ESI).  Hard copy documents are cross referenced with public record via the use of proprietary database software.  In the event that any discovery materials are suspected of being erroneous and cannot be verified digitally, our field investigators are assigned to make contact with witnesses, public officials, or any other parties who may be able to confirm their accuracy.

We primarily serve the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regions, but are dedicated to supporting our clients wherever their needs require us to go. The courts we most often serve include:


Northern Virginia:


  • Fairfax County General District Court

  • Alexandria General District Court

  • Arlington County General District Court

  • Loudoun County General District Court

  • Prince William County General District Court



Hampton Roads:


  • Virginia Beach General District Court

  • Norfolk General District Court

  • Chesapeake General District Court

  • Portsmouth General District Court

  • Suffolk General District Court

  • Hampton General District Court

  • Newport News General District Court

  • Williamsburg/James City County General District Court

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