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Private Investigation

The benefits a private investigator can bring to litigation are not well known to many attorneys.  They are often caricatured by Hollywood depictions of men in trench coats, puffing away on cigars as they catch cheating spouses in the act.  In fact, having the assistance of an experienced investigator drastically increases the odds of a successful result for your clients.  Investigators assist litigators in a variety of ways, including: conducting surveillance, photographing crime and accident scenes, discovery and review of physical and electronic evidence, verifying the accuracy of witness testimony, and much more.    

Our investigative team is composed of seasoned professionals from around the industry.  Their investigative experience ranges from criminal defense and domestic abuse to insurance fraud and landlord-tenant disputes.  When assigned to a case, they are fully capable of operating independently in the field.  This quality allows our clients to focus wholly on the task of preparing for trial while our investigators gather the evidence vital to ensuring a successful outcome.  


Our investigators serve the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads region of Virginia, but our investigators are dedicated to solve cases no matter where they may lead to. The courts we most often serve include:


Northern Virginia:


  • Fairfax County General District Court

  • Alexandria General District Court

  • Arlington County General District Court

  • Loudoun County General District Court

  • Prince William County General District Court



Hampton Roads:


  • Virginia Beach General District Court

  • Norfolk General District Court

  • Chesapeake General District Court

  • Portsmouth General District Court

  • Suffolk General District Court

  • Hampton General District Court

  • Newport News General District Court

  • Williamsburg/James City County General District Court

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