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The lives and property of your guests, residents, and employees is important to you. For Sentry Force Security, it is our top priorty to place the safety and well being of clients and their property above all else. 

Industrial security needs pose dynamic challenges to industrial clients. With Sentry Force Security, we protect and secure assets, people, and property at many different industrial complexes like warehouses, shipyards, rail depots, factories, and even critical infrastructure.

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Commercial property protection is a common service Sentry Force Security provides for our clients. Whether the property is an office building, shopping mall, parking garage, shopping center, or even an individual store, Sentry Force Security secures and protects the interests and property of our commercial clientele.

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Sentry Force Security provides custom security solutuions for apartment complexes, condominiums, homeowners' associations, public housing projects, and even private, single-family residential properties.

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Security Solutions for all Industries, Including:



Sentry Force Security

Sentry Force Security provides Private Investigation services to clients who have trouble locating people when filing civil cases, collecting debts, and enforcing civil judgments. Our investigators have successful experience locating debtors who have not paid rent, owe damages from a civil judgment, and have hidden assets.

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